Changes to USA Puppy Import Rules

By August 16, 2014 November 19th, 2014 Rules and Regulations

The Centre for Disease Control recently made changes to their policy regarding the importation of dogs into the United States. Please note the following changes: Rabies vaccination is required for all dogs entering the United States from a country where rabies is present, such as Canada. The CDC has removed a form that was previously available for pet owners and/or breeders to fill out if their puppies did not meet the rabies requirement. Puppies must not be vaccinated against rabies before three months of age. The youngest that a vaccinated puppy can now be imported into the United States is four months of age.  Questions about importing unvaccinated dogs should be directed to the CDC at:   Full details of the CDC’s Dog Import Policy are available on their website at: Or contact one of our staff members at Midlake Veterinary Clinic in Calgary for more information.