Hospice/Euthanasia Services

Saying goodbye to a long-time friend is painfully difficult. We make every attempt to schedule euthanasia appointments during expected quiet times of the day to maximize your privacy and comfort.  Anxious pets are sedated beforehand to allow the procedure to go as smoothly as possible.  Whether you wish to be in attendance or not, your pet will receive the utmost of compassionate care.  During this highly emotional time, we encourage our clients to spend as much time as they feel necessary to say their final good-byes.  A separate exit is available for added privacy.

Group and private cremation services are available.  “Private” cremation means your pet is individually cremated and returned to you in either a scatter box, wooden or ceramic urn.  Some clients have special requests such as including a favorite toy, collar, bedding or memento in the cremation services.  Others wish to commemorate their loved ones with other special requests such as Pawsitive Impression clay footprints or Memorial Plaques.   All requests will be carried out with the greatest of respect for your pet and attention to detail.  All cremations, unless directed otherwise by the client, are handled through the Calgary Humane Society (CHS).  Experts themselves in the human-animal bond, we are reassured that all pets in the care of the CHS will be cared for in a respectable manner.  In addition, cremation fees go directly to the care of their facility in Calgary and the homeless animals they save daily.