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More than just routine spaying and neutering procedures, we offer advanced surgical techniques and technology in a small clinic setting. Procedures such as traditional anterior cruciate repair, bladder stone removal, spleen removal, skin biopsy or mass removal, and tooth extractions are just some of the surgeries we perform at our clinic.

Our experienced and compassionate veterinary team takes every precaution so that your pet receives the highest-quality surgical care.

All anaesthetics are specifically tailored to your individual pet based on breed, age, health concerns, blood results and other risk factors. We use advanced sterilization techniques, ECG and oxygen saturation monitors, warming pads to minimize hypothermia, intensive post-surgical “TLC” after care and most importantly, appropriate pain control for those more extensive surgeries.

Laser therapy is also available to minimize inflammation and pain after surgery.

If a more specialized procedure is required, we have access to mobile surgical personnel who will utilize our facility to perform the surgery in-house. This allows for continuity of after-care with the patient through their regular doctor giving peace of mind to our clients.

Soft Tissue Surgery
Orthopaedic Surgery
General Anesthesia
Local Anesthesia
Pain Management