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  • Jun 07 2015

    Paw-ography of “Oozo” Miller 200(1)-2015

    I first met “Oozo” in August of 2005. He came to me, wrapped in a blanket, by a concerned neighbor who found him injured in the ditch by our rural…

  • Jun 07 2015

    Paw-ography of “Murphy” Miller 1995-2015

    Murphy came into my life rather unexpectedly. At the very young age of 6 months, she was presented to me as a veterinarian for, of all things, euthanasia. Imagine my…

  • Nov 18 2014

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  • Nov 15 2014

    You Missed a Spot!

    As our feline friends age, hair coat maintenance can become quite a chore. If they enjoy being brushed or detangled, as pet owners we can certainly help. But not all…

  • Oct 31 2014

    Happy Howl – o- ween

    Although Halloween can be full of lots of fun, pets can get into a lot of trouble during this time of year. Sweet treats, especially chocolate, are very tempting to…

  • Sep 28 2014

    Animal Health Week 2014 “Our Role, Our Responsibility”

    September 28th to October 4th is Animal Health Week in Canada. This is an annual public awareness campaign that was created in 1985 by the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association to promote important…

  • Sep 28 2014

    World Rabies Day

    September 28th is World Rabies Day. Did you know that an estimated 70,000 people die annually from rabies?  In 2013, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) reported 116 cases of…

  • Sep 11 2014


    D.E.W.S. is the Dog Early Warning System devised by Brigitte Blais of Okotoks, Alberta. In an effort to keep both children and dogs safe, Brigitte has developed an easy to…

  • Aug 29 2014

    Bat Tests POSITIVE For Rabies In Pincher Creek

    A Silver Hair bat was submitted to a veterinary clinic on Aug. 18, 2014 in Pincher Creek, AB after a 3.5-month-old puppy had captured it. The bat was tested for…

  • Aug 25 2014

    Tick risk on the rise in Calgary, Alberta

    Pet owners in Calgary are finding more and more ticks after their furry companions have been outdoors. When the tick takes a blood meal, they enlarge in size making them…